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Listen to Dope on Spotify

Our brand-new track "Dope" is here and it's... uhhh... dope. But that's just our opinion. What's yours? Listen to "Dope" on Spotify to find out!

Download Dope on Traxsource

Are you a DJ or just a fan of keeping up an old-school MP3 collection? Download "Dope" on Traxsource for only $2.49!

Watch Dope on YouTube

Of course you can find "Dope" on YouTube as well. We've created some footage to go with the sound. Go check it out!

Check out Dope on Beatport

Yet another way to get our latest track on MP3. If you have a Beatport account, don't miss this chance to own your copy of "Dope"!

Find Dope on Apple Music

Of course we've launched "Dope" on Apple Music as well. You can find our latest release (Radio Edit and Extended Mix) by tapping here!